Fresh Ideas and New Forms of Commitment

Good Deeds «on the Run»
A donation marathon or race offers an optimal opportunity to motivate adolescents and adults alike to do something good for themselves and others. Other sporting events, too, such as boccia or soccer tournaments, can serve as opportunities to mix fun with commitment. By selling beverages and snacks to the viewers, money can be collected for projects of Mission 21. We would be happy to assist you in organising your event.

Collection Box
Mission 21’s collection box, which allows giving thanks in the form of a little donation, has tradition. The box is now also available as a cardboard box which fits flat into an envelope. The collection box encourages us to share happy moments in our own life with the people in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Give thanks by putting a little donation into the collection box. Mission 21 makes sure that your gift will have a positive impact for the people in the projects.

Organise a Bazar
Bazars have a long tradition. They create a place and room for encounters, discussions, creative work and exchanges. Young and old meet and mingle in order to achieve something positive together. If you are interested in setting up something for a good cause, then the organisation of a bazaar might be just the thing for you.

As the missionary organisation of the Reformed Regional Church, we depend on the support of the church congregations. You can actively help to put Mission 21 on their offerings calendar. Their church boards as well as their pastors are certainly happy to help you in this matter.


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