Continental Assemblies

The continental assemblies in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe are permanent bodies in which the partners of Mission 21 connect with each other. They allow for a South-South and North-South exchange within the international community of Mission 21. The continental assemblies each have individual forms of organisation and, like the European supporting associations, they are full members of Mission 21. Due to the diverseness of the partners on each continent, each continental assembly has a very different face.

The continental assemblies send representatives to the Mission Synod and to the General Assembly of Mission 21. Through their representation in the General Assembly and in the Mission Synod, the partner churches and partner organisations of Mission 21 participate in the strategic decision-making and take on responsibility for the overall missionary organisation.

Every three years, there is a meeting of the continental assemblies of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Usually, three representatives from each partner church, among which the head of the area «women’s work» and the leader or leaders of the youth work are included, participate in this meeting. In a conference prior to the meeting, women and youth representatives reflect on the activities in the partner churches and networks and discuss common problems as well as approaches for solving them.

The continental meetings allow for an encounter and an exchange on the work and current problems of the individual partners, as well as on the programmes and projects of Mission 21.

The Continental Assembly of Europe is essentially composed of the members of the supporting associations. These meet once every year for a «continental meeting». A panel composed of the presidents of the supporting associations manages the business operations of the Continental Assembly of Europe.