Mission Synod

The Mission Synod is the highest decision-making body of Mission 21. In the Synod, the sponsoring organisations of the mission are represented by 45 delegates. The European supporting associations send 21 representatives, the partner churches and partner organisations in the continental assemblies in Africa, Asia and Latin America send 24 delegates.

The Mission Synod discusses the programmatic and theological orientation, the intermediate- and long-term aims, as well as the financial planning of Mission 21. In the Synod, the partners are involved in the decision-making and take on responsibility for the work of Mission 21. It is a place for encounter and for exchange on all the work done in the partner churches and organisations.

The Mission Synod meets publicly every three years. Translations into English, German and Spanish are offered. The Synod strives for gender equality and an adequate youth representation. The first international Mission Synod took place in Basel in 2004. The second Synod was held in Bern in 2007, the third in Zurich in 2010. In 2013, St. Gallen will be the host canton.

In between the Mission Synods, the General Assembly, meeting yearly, decides on how the resolutions by the Synod should be implemented. It approves the annual financial statement and the annual report.


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