Earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia cause many deaths

On Friday evening Indonesia was surprised by an earthquake of magnitude 7.5, followed by a tsunami. Especially affected is the central province of Sulawesi Island, where two member churches of the Indonesian Federation of Churches (PGI) also have their headquarters. The PGI is a partner organization of Mission 21.

The Deputy General Secretary of the PGI, Pastor Krise Gosal, flew to the affected area to support the local people. With the help of the local churches, she is helping to coordinate a solidarity and aid network with the local authorities.

The damage in the region is enormous. Over 1000 people have died as a result of the natural disaster. Many more are missing or stuck somewhere, desperately waiting for help. Many roads are severely damaged, the power grid is interrupted and the communication system is out of order. Fuel, food and water are becoming scarce.

Also local church communities have to mourn many victims. Church buildings have collapsed or swallowed from the ground. Communication is extremely difficult.

Many church members are searching for their relatives and acquaintances or are busy burying their nearest. Nevertheless, pastors from the affected parishes in the district capital of Palu have already set up a first emergency shelter for the homeless. Neighbouring churches collect food among their relatives and through their inter-religious networks and transport it to the disaster area under the most difficult circumstances.    ► Read full report

We are in thought and prayer with the affected people in Indonesia.

You too can support the current emergency aid of the Indonesian Federation of Churches PGI! Donate via the account below with the note: "Nothilfe Sulawesi". We will forward all those donations to the PGI. Or donate directly to the PGI via the address given in the report above. 

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