Escalation of violence in Buea, Cameroon

The conflict in Cameroon is driving people to ever greater despair. A dispute between the Cameroonian central government and the Anglophone population in the west of the country has been escalating since fall 2016.

Hundreds of thousands of people have already been displaced by the violence. Mission 21's work on the ground has focused on the most vulnerable people since the conflict broke out. (► More information on our work in Cameroon).

On October 14, violence reached a new sad climax in Buea, the capital of Cameroon's Anglophone (English-speaking) regions: a little girl died when a policeman shot at a car. The policeman was subsequently lynched by people in the street. This can be seen in the local media and reports from our partners, reports can also be found online.

This sad incident shows how far violence in Cameroon shapes the everyday life of the people and causes immeasurable suffering.

We are in constant contact with our partner organizations in Cameroon and continue our joint work even under the currently very difficult conditions.

Please join us in supporting the people in Cameroon.

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