MeetingPoint 2018: What to do for the people of Southern Sudan?

For the first time the MeetingPoint of young@mission21 took place. The MeetingPoint is a meeting for committed young adults who are already active in the young@mission21 network as well as for those who would like to become active.

Young adults from Europe who are involved in the young@mission21 network and met each other in this context, participated in the MeetingPoint. The joy of meeting again and the desire to exchange ideas was huge. Dorina and Mathias Waldmeyer, programme managers for Nigeria and Southern Sudan respectively, brought along a thematic input. They reported on the peace work of Mission 21 in Southern Sudan. They focused on the role of the next generation. They showed how important the young people are for a peaceful change in a still young and conflict-laden country. This was followed by a brainstorm session with the young adults on the question "What can I do?".  At dinner and a glass of mulled wine, the discussion continued on the subject and much more was discussed. 

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