Nobel Laureate Denis Mukwege wishes Mission 21 "all the best for your valuable work."

In 2018, Professor Denis Mukwege received the Nobel Peace Prize. The gynecologist from the Democratic Republic of Congo is medically committed to women and girls who have been victims of rape or defilement in war. He also campaigns politically against sexualized war violence. Denis Mukwege now tells us that he also greatly appreciates the work of Mission 21 - especially its commitment to women.

Denis Mukwege has been advocating for women and girls for decades. As a gynecologist, he treats girls and women who have been seriously injured by multiple rapes or purposeful mutilations.

As a human rights activist, he publicly draws attention to the perpetrators. He repeatedly calls for the condemnation of sexualized war violence and for the consistent prosecution of the perpetrators for crimes against humanity.

He has been awarded several prizes for his tireless efforts, and in 2018 he was even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

High esteem for the work of Mission 21

Denis Mukwege writes to the President of the Board of Mission 21, Johannes Blum. Blum is familiar with the medical situation in the DR Congo thanks to several years of work in medical facilities on site. Denis Mukwege now expresses his appreciation for the work of Mission 21 worldwide in his letter.

He thanks Blum for the information about Mission 21's work and writes: "I admire your commitment to helping the most disadvantaged and promoting the dignity of women in several countries around the world."

For Mission 21, it is an honour that such a dedicated medical doctor and intrepid human rights activist expresses his appreciation towards our work. Denis Mukwege closes with the sentence: "I wish you all the best in your valuable work and wish you much success." His wish is an incentive for us to continue and intensify our commitment to the most vulnerable worldwide.

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