Rita Famos: “Hope anyway”

For a year now, the corona pandemic has been shaping the lives of people worldwide, triggering insecurity and fears, increasing violence and poverty. In her #SymbolOfHope to the entire church, Rita Famos encourages us to "hope nonetheless" and pays tribute to Mission 21's Corona emergency aid in her message.

In her message, Rita Famos, President of the Protestant Church in Switzerland, encourages people to keep hope. She sends this message to the entire church in Switzerland. She refers in particular to the partner churches and partner organisations of Mission 21 in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

“For the first time, in this coronavirus pandemic in our country and throughout Europe, we are sharing the existential fears of these people in a fragmentary way”, Famos writes. “We are confronted with the virus and the consequences of COVID-19 and realize our own vulnerability.”

Appreciation of the work of Mission 21

Famos emphasises that the Protestant Church calls on the Swiss authorities to protect the rights of all sick people, to treat elderly people in retirement homes with dignity and, in general, to give priority to the right to health "over other fundamental rights, such as economic freedom".

National measures alone, however, are not enough, Famos says. Solidarity and help for the most vulnerable in the poorest countries is necessary. Rita Famos draws particular attention to the work of Mission 21. With its Corona emergency aid, Mission 21 is following the "Call to Action" formulated by the United Nations as early as March 2020.

Reflect on the essentials

"We are a Church close to the people," writes Rita Famos. She emphasises the social support and counselling provided by the Church during the crisis. The crisis is an opportunity to reflect on what is essential in life, especially to ask how we relate to our fellow human beings and how we can share strength and resources with our neighbours.

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