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In many parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America the virus is only just beginning to spread, and its impact on the health situation and on the lives of people will be much more severe than in the highly industrialised countries of Asia and the Western World.

Where health care systems are already weak; where many people are already suffering from malnourishment and various diseases; where families are contained in small houses; where people are fleeing conflicts, children, women and men are helpless against such a dreadful opponent as the corona virus. Now more than ever, these people need your solidarity. Together we stand up for people who desperately need our help.   

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Even before the Corona pandemic, the presence of Mission 21 in northern Nigeria is very important for the people. This is because the state has difficulties reaching them and they are subjected to constant brutal attacks by the terrorist militia Boko Haram. These people need our support more than ever!

Our coordiantor in Nigeria, Dr. Yakubu Joseph, reports on the state of the pandemic in Nigeria (in English):

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