Midwives save lives

Southern Sudan has one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. The poor health care is, among other things, the result of years of civil war, which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. The country urgently needs well-trained midwives to save newborns and their mothers.

Mission 21 supports a midwifery school in Southern Sudan that provides young women with two and a half years of midwifery training. In addition to theory and practice in obstetrics, the young women also receive general education.

At school, women of different ethnicities live and learn together. This contributes to the peace and reconciliation work, which is an important part of the education. Belonging to different ethnic groups played an important role in the civil war, which is why building mutual trust is important. Especially with regard to the fact that midwives advise expectant mothers on very intimate issues.

Despite the war, 80 women have already successfully completed their midwifery training and today work all over the country. Each of them accompanies up to 250 births per year. Help to continue the education of midwives and save lives.

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