Cameroon: Paul Biya remains president

About two weeks after the presidential elections in Cameroon, the incumbent Paul Biya has been confirmed. The opposition complained about irregularities. Nevertheless, the Constitutional Court refused to repeat the elections.

The elections took place on 7 October. In the francophone part of the country they were mostly peaceful. In the Anglophone part, where Mission 21 has the most projects, the passage to the voting offices was too dangerous for many people; they stayed in their homes on election day for security reasons. The conflict between the central government and separatist forces has already claimed many victims in recent months. In Buea and Bamenda, the capitals of the two Anglophone provinces, there were repeated exchanges of fire between the army and the separatists on election day. Voter turnout in the Anglophone area is in the single digits.

About two weeks after the election, the result was that the previous President Paul Biya was confirmed with 71 percent of the votes. The opposition complained of irregularities. The 85-year-old Biya is now taking up another seven-year term in office.