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    Mission 21 is seeking allies in its efforts to bring about peace and more justice. We want to join forces with you. There are plenty of opportunities for you to come on board!

    Our annual Campaign offers ideas for individuals and church congregations to take action. Young adults Young adults can make their mark as ambassadors for Mission 21, or they can take on an assignment in a partner country. You can join forces with Mission 21's Advocacy team as an activist for human rights for women or religious freedom. And if you are involved in a church congregation either as a volunteer or a professional, you'll find everything you need to know about bazaars, gratitude boxes and much more at Church congregations. We are also looking for volunteers to support and participate in our campaign.


    Campaign 2019

    Mission 21 has been promoting peace work in numerous projects for many years. Peace is one of our core themes and the focus of our 2019 campaign. We introduce courageous people who overcome religious and ethnic divides and thus give peace a face. Together we also want to stand up for peace, with you and with our partners all over the world. Give peace a face and support our peace campaign. Because peace grows with us.

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    young@mission is Mission 21's international youth movement. We are a growing community of young adults who take action to bring about more justice all over the world. We are between 18 and 30 years young, and we meet up three or four times each year in Switzerland. One of this year's outstanding events will be the Youth Summit, held at the same time as the Synod. young@mission21 also offers opportunities for assignments abroad, for example in Hong Kong or Tanzania. And our Youth Ambassadors programme brings young adults from four continents together.

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    Advocacy means speaking or acting in support of a particular cause. As a mission organisation, Mission 21 advocates dignity and rights for all people, and we endeavour to bring about peace. Our core concern is to join with our partners in committed support to enforce human rights for women and the human right to religious freedom. Women still suffer major structural disadvantages all over the world. And religious freedom is being curtailed in numerous countries. Mission 21 strengthens activists from our partner countries, and links them together through networking. Our advocacy programme goes hand-in-hand with our project work in 20 countries.

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    Commitments for church congregations

    Mission 21 would not exist without the church congregations. This was so when the Basel Mission was founded over 200 years ago, and it still remains true today: the church congregations are our basis. In its capacity as the official mission organisation of the Evangelical-Reformed Church in Switzerland, Mission 21 is the link between local congregations and the worldwide church. You can find information on a variety of topics here, including your bazaar work, events in your congregation or community, opportunities for direct partnerships, and much more besides.

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    Voluntary work

    Volunteers are a cornerstone of Mission 21's work. They pass on information about our programmes for personnel exchange in development cooperation. They offer active assistance at events such as Mission 21's autumn bazaar. Or they collect valuable contributions with the help of gratitude boxes, in support of our projects for education, healthcare, peace promotion, and agriculture and livelihood security. Follow this link to learn more about opportunities to take on commitments as a volunteer for Mission 21.

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