Commitments for church congregations

    Would your church congregation like to take on a commitment for Mission 21? If so, you're in the right place: this is where you can find information about bazaars or direct partnerships as well as many helpful links. We believe that personal contact is vitally important – so we shall be delighted to hear from you!

    Collections by church congregations

    Many church congregations regularly take collections in support of Mission 21. We are very grateful for this. Through your collections, you send out a practical message for the worldwide church. You support our programme and project work, and you make it possible for people in the world's poorer regions to achieve better living conditions and gain more independence in the long term. Every franc you give shows your solidarity with disadvantaged people. Contact us if you would like to organise a collection for Mission 21. We shall be glad to help you select a suitable project. If you like, we can also advise you on wordings for the invitation to contribute.

    Friedrich Weibel

    Coordinator for Church Congregations
    Tel.:+41 (0)61 260 23 37
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    Bazaars in church congregations

    A bazaar provides a venue with scope for encounters, discussions, creative work and exchanges. People of all ages meet and join forces here to do good works together.

    Traditionally, church congregation bazaars also serve the purpose of opening windows into the worldwide church. Why not present one of our projects, and collect money for it? We will be glad to assist you with choosing and presenting a project, and also with materials for your Bazaar Day.

    ► Guideline for bazaars (in German)

    Christine Lehni

    Tel: +41 (0)61 260 22 36
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    Our latest campaign

    We are focusing our campaign this year on peace work in South Sudan. We want to join forces to work for peace – in Switzerland, as well as in our partner countries and elsewhere. Come on board and link up with people all over the world in the cause of peace!

    ► Information about the campaign


    We looking for individuals who have a heartfelt commitment to justice and the worldwide church. Visit churches and associations to present our development cooperation projects. Spread the word about the concerns of people who are being helped to help themselves, thanks to us. Mission 21 will provide training and information to support you in this work. Contact us so that we can talk together about ways you can become involved on behalf of Mission 21, in your church congregation and your wider environment. Here are some options for you to get involved:

    • Organise events in support of Mission 21

    • Take part in continuing education and information events for Mission 21, and publicise them in your locality

    • Initiate and maintain project partnerships

    We offer:

    • Useful activities on an honorary basis

    • Participation in various Mission 21 events

    • Intercultural encounters with exceptional individuals

    • Suggestions for ongoing development, at personal and congregation level

    Friedrich Weibel

    Coordinator for Church Congregations
    Tel.:+41 (0)61 260 23 37
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    Direct sponsorship

    Would you like to offer continuous long-term support for a project? Perhaps your congregation or community would like to be involved in exchange with people in a school in Africa, an agricultural programme in Latin America or an interfaith peace programme in Asia?

    We will be very glad to set up a partnership of this sort with you. Lively exchanges of experiences and ideas with committed people on every continent are vital for Mission 21. We shall be delighted if you become an active member of this network!

    Magdalena Zimmermann

    Head of the Education Exchange and Research Department
    Tel: +41 (0)61 260 22 59
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