Commitments for church congregations

    Would your church congregation like to take on a commitment for Mission 21? If so, you're in the right place: this is where you can find information about bazaars or direct partnerships as well as many helpful links. We believe that personal contact is vitally important – so we shall be delighted to hear from you!

    Collections and donations by church congregations

    Many church congregations regularly support Mission 21 through donations and collections. In doing so, they set a concrete example for beeing church worldwide. Through your support of our programmes and projects, you enable people in poorer regions of the world to enjoy better living conditions and greater independence in the long term. Thank you very much for your commitment to our work.

    Please contact us if you are planning a donation or a collection for Mission 21. We will be happy to assist you in choosing a suitable project. If you wish, we can advise you on wordings for the invitation to contribute or provide you with materials.

    Kevin Ischi

    Coordinator for Church Congregations
    Tel: +41 (0) 61 260 23 37
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    Our latest campaign

    This year, our campaign is focusing on education and our international learning community. We highlight the importance of education in the global South as well as in Switzerland. For a peaceful, inclusive and just society, we need a global learning community as well as participation and encounters on an equal footing. Get involved!

    ► Information about the campaign


    With a partnership, you and your congregation become an active member of our network and part of the international learning community.


    A project partnership provides a framework for your local engagement on behalf of the global church. It creates space for depth and participation, connects development cooperation and learning community, and combines financial support with substantive accompaniment. 

    Such a commitment is usually limited to a certain period of time and therefore offers the possibility to flexibly redirect the focus afterwards. During the partnership, we accompany you with news, background information and, if possible, digital or physical opportunities to meet. With a project/topic partnership, you are in partnership with Mission 21 and via us with our partners abroad.

    Mission 21 lives from the lively exchange between committed people on all continents. Church partnerships are a very intensive and long-term form of partnership. In contrast to project partnerships, churches in Switzerland and abroad are in contact with each other. Additional activities relate in particular to joint theological exchange.

    Due to difficult political contexts, such intensive and long-term church partnerships are currently only possible to a very limited extent with our partner churches abroad. They also require a mutual clarification of expectations and committed groups of people on both sides. Apart from the possibilities within the framework of a project partnership, Mission 21 can only offer additional services by individual agreement. We strive for integration as well as the use of synergies with existing offers and opportunities (for example within the framework of visits during the Mission Synod).

    Kevin Ischi

    Coordinator for Church Congregations
    Tel: +41 (0) 61 260 23 37
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    Educational courses and inspiring encounters

    Whether for the confirmation class, the senior citizens' group or during the church council retreat, our educational offers provide you with insights into global contexts and cross-border experiences. ► Educational offers from Mission 21

    We would be happy to visit you. Our experts will give you a vivid insight into our development cooperation programmes and projects. Guests from Africa, Asia and Latin America also give first-hand accounts of life in their countries. They are available for information events, church services, lessons and thanksgiving events. ► Experts for lectures

    With our international network of churches and our more than 200 years of history, we can offer you a variety of suggestions and inspiration for your worship service, attractive working materials for the classroom or ideas for collection calls. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ► Kevin Ischi.

    Bazaars in church congregations

    A bazaar provides a venue with scope for encounters, discussions, creative work and exchanges. People of all ages meet and join forces here to do good works together.

    Traditionally, church congregation bazaars also serve the purpose of opening windows into the worldwide church. Why not present one of our projects, and collect money for it? We will be glad to assist you with choosing and presenting a project, and also with materials for your Bazaar Day.

    ► Guideline for bazaars (in German)

    Christine Lehni

    Coordinator for bazaars and materials
    Tel: +41 (0)61 260 22 36
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