Advocacy means speaking or acting in support of a particular cause. Through our advocacy work, we aim to work together with disadvantaged people to improve their living conditions. Mission 21 specialises in advocacy for gender justice as well as advocacy for religious freedom. We want to empower people to voice their concerns more clearly in public, to claim a life in dignity and to demand their rights.

    Gender equity

    Many women and girls are still subject to gender-based discrimination and violence. Their opportunities to have their say and play an active part in shaping their own society are often restricted. Mission 21 strives for a world where human rights are equally valid for all genders, with no restrictions. Through our advocacy work, we assist people who support human rights for women; we provide training and education for them, and we prepare them to pass their knowledge on to others. Religion and faith support women and men in this process as they assert their rights. Each year, we organise advocacy workshops on topics such as contextual theology, integral leadership and the mechanisms of the UN.

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    Religious freedom

    Time and again, conflicts arise and atrocities are perpetrated against members of other religious communities in the name of religion. Mission 21 carries out advocacy work to obtain fruitful benefits from religion's potential to bring about peace. In collaboration with our partner churches and partner organisations, we support continuing education in interfaith peace work. We work across ethnic and religious divides in collaboration with organisations from other religions, and we strengthen mutual trust among religious communities. Every year, we organise a symposium on Interfaith Peace Work in Switzerland. On dates marking symbolic anniversaries such as Human Rights Day on 10 December, we appear in public to send out a message of religious freedom.

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