Our 2018 campaign

    Peace is one of our core themes. For many years, we have joined with our partners to advocate peaceful coexistence. We are committed to interfaith peace work. However, social tensions have been increasing for several years now. Fundamentalist forces are having a negative impact on peaceful coexistence among different religious groups. And this makes Mission 21's peace work all the more important.

    Campaign film: Peace grows with us


    People are yearning for peace. Our partner churches play a significant part in peace work. In countries such as Nigeria or South Sudan, our partner churches are among the last beacons of hope for reconciliation. Violent clashes have been erupting in these countries for many years, plunging their people into extreme distress and despair.

    We are focusing our campaign this year on peace work in Nigeria. Let us introduce you to Markus Gamache, peace activist. What motivates him to start building peace under the most adverse conditions in northern Nigeria? What can he possibly achieve in this climate of mistrust? Who will help him? And what is the source of his strength for this work?

    Gurku: the peace village

    Is it possible to restore peace between Christians and Muslims and to give people the strength to oppose terrorism? The answer is: yes! With the help of donations, the Gurku Peace Village has been established in a secure region of Nigeria. Several hundred victims from both religious communities have already settled here.

    They are working together to overcome their traumatic experiences. The people here learn from one another, they show respect for each other, and they offer their hands to one another again. They live in peace and through their example, they are sowing the seeds of peace. Mission 21 supports Christians and Muslims in Nigeria as they follow the path towards peaceful coexistence. This goal can be achieved if everyone joins together.

    ► Book "By God's Grace" (describes the village life in Gurku with text and pictures)

    More pictures from Gurku:

    ► http://jonathanliechti.ch/gallery/gurku/

    ► http://jonathanliechti.ch/gallery/portrait-gurku/

    The pictures can also be lent to church communities for an exibition. ► More information

    Cooking for Peace

    Many parishes know the tradition of a charity dinner or soup day for a good cause. In many places this becomes an ecumenical occasion, underlining the importance of the Church in society. We would like to encourage you to take this as an opportunity to cook an African meal for peace. An African meal is about a conscious broadening of horizons. Organisers, helpers and participants deal with Africa and with our commitment to people in the countries from which we consume chocolate, coffee, mango and bananas as usual and of course daily. Conducting an African meal can be very simple, like a soup day, or more elaborate, like a benefit meal. You decide!

    ► Cooking for Peace (Quick Guide)

    ► Cooking for Peace (Detailed Guide)

    Planting a Tree for Peace

    On Mission 21 we say "Peace grows with us". Planting a tree gives an important symbolic accent to our commitment to peace. Mission 21 works directly or indirectly for peace in all projects. Set an example for peace by planting trees in your parish. If you plant the seed for a tree - or even a little tree - in your parish, you not only make a plant grow, but also contribute to the prosperity of peace worldwide. For the tree is a symbol of peace. At the same time there is the possibility to use the act of planting as an action to collect donations for a very concrete peace project. A first peace tree has already been planted (► News: "A first peace tree has been planted").

    ► Planting a Tree for Peace (Quick Guide)

    ► Planting a Tree for Peace (Detailed Guide)

    ► News: "A first tree of peace has been planted"

    Other Peace Actions and Materials

    Together we want to work for peace, with parishes and with people who are interested in the work of Mission 21. Peace in Switzerland, in our partner countries such as Nigeria and elsewhere.

    Work for peace and use our campaign material for action ideas such as:

    ► Cooking for Peace (Quick Guide)

    ► Cooking for Peace (Detailed Guide)

    ► Planting a Tree for Peace (Quick Guide)

    ► Planting a Tree for Peace (Detailed Guide)

    ► Invite Speackers on a Topic

    ► Call up a Collection

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