Peace grows with us

    Mission 21 has been promoting peace work in numerous projects for many years. Peace is one of our core themes and the focus of our 2019 campaign. We introduce courageous people who overcome religious and ethnic divides and thus give peace a face. Together we also want to stand up for peace, with you and with our partners all over the world. Peace grows with all of us: Give peace a face and support our campaign. It starts on Sunday, 15 September and lasts until International Human Rights Day, 10 December.

    Campaign film: Peace through encounter

    Campaign projects

    South Sudan: A Special Friendship

    They belong to hostile groups, but they cultivate a close friendship: Elizabeth Nyayuk and Elizabeth Deng work together for peace in South Sudan. A bloody civil war broke out along ethnic lines in South Sudan in 2013, claiming over 400,000 lifes. In 2018, the enemy parties agreed finally on a peace agreement. People have been traumatised by the violence in recent years, and there are deep trenches through society. Together Elizabeth Deng and Elizabeth Nyayuk are doing the peace work of the church to overcome these divisions. They move from house to house, step in front of their parish and convince more and more people of a peaceful coexistence of the ethnic groups. The two women are supported in their work by the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, partner of Mission 21, which plays an important role in the peace and reconciliation work in the country.

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    Elizabeth Deng

    Peace acitvist, Dinka

    Elizabeth Nyayuk belongs to the Nuer ethnic group. During the war her ethnic group fought my Dinka group, but that's why we have to stand together! So we can show people that forgiveness is possible. Dinka and Nuer can live and work together as a united people.

    Elizabeth Nyayuk

    Peace activist, Nuer

    I've seen a lot of bad things. Because of the war I had to flee my hometown Malakal. For days we walked on side roads, because armed murderers walked on the main roads.

    Peru: Peace grows with Pamela and Gladys

    For a long time the different positions between Pamela and her mother Glady were entrenched. Family counselling and workshops with a partner organisation of Mission 21 helped to reunite them. Glayds and Pamela now pass on their gratitude: as volunteers they help others with family problems. The need is great - poverty, everyday frustration and excessive alcohol consumption are the causes of tension and violence in the family. The "Centro de Espiritualidades Emáus", supported by Mission 21, takes care of such cases and carries out prevention work with workshops and training. This way, this important organisation promotes peace in the family and in society.

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    I am grateful that there are centres like Emaús, where conflicts can be expressed openly.



    I used to be very shy and did not know how to help myself, now I have become more confident. And we talk to each other again in the family.

    Indonesia: Peace grows with Fransisca Sianipar and Eva Nurdiana

    The Christian Fransisca and the Muslim Eva are both from Indonesia and yet come from different worlds. "My father told me not to have any contact with Muslims," Fransisca says. Eva also tells a story about isolation: As teenagers her parents sent her to a Muslim boarding school for girls: "Even books from outside were forbidden". Like Eva and Fransisca, many young people in Indonesia feel the same way, because religious and ethnic groups are often very isolated. There have been terrorist attacks in the country and religious fundamentalism is gaining strength. Today Eva and Fransisca are best friends. Both visited an interreligious youth camp supported by Mission 21. Since the camp Eva and Fransisca have been organizing interreligious camps together and pleading with creative campaigns for more tolerance. They are convinced that a peaceful Indonesia is only possible if people overcome religious divides.

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    Fransisca Sianipar

    Christian, Indonesia

    In the interfaith camp I was able to overcome my prejudices and fears towards people of other religions.

    Eva Nurdiana

    Muslim, Indonesia

    Today I no longer judge people according to their religion, but based on their actions.

    Peace actions and materials

    Support our commitment to peace - we offer you information, experts for lectures and various campaign materials. These will be sent to all parishes in German-speaking Switzerland by the end of June.


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