Our 2020 campaign

In South Sudan, every child knows what a gun looks like. The war in South Sudan has left its mark on all of them. Many suffer from war trauma, hunger and the fragile situation of the country.

With our peace campaign from 15th September to 20th December 2020, we are putting more focus on our work in South Sudan. War trauma or the dream of peace? Your donation makes the difference.

Campaign film: The dream of peace

Children's Home Muhaba

In South Sudan, the ethnic civil war of the last five years has claimed over 400,000 lives. A peace agreement has now been signed. However, peace only exists on paper, and there are still battles with casualties. Our commitment to South Sudan is urgently needed. Children are the main victims of the conflict. They are at the centre of our 2020 peace campaign.

In order for children and young people to be able to contribute to a peaceful society and a stable situation in the future, they need education, safe spaces and psychosocial support. Therefore we support together with our partner organisations and partner churches the children's home Muhaba as well as different educational programmes. The children's home offers refuge, education and psychosocial support to children who don't have alternatives.

The situation during the Corona Pandemic

South Sudan is in a state of emergency because of the corona pandemic. Health care in the country is very poor, there are less than ten functioning respiratory equipments in the whole country. Very few people have money to buy food for the stockpile or a bottle of disinfectant. Many are malnourished and already weakened as a result, most of them make their living from day to day: the shutdown is a massive threat to their existence. In addition, there is a risk that government measures to contain the pandemic, such as curfews, will rekindle social tensions and endanger the fragile peace in the country. Mission 21 and its partner organizations are still there for the population, reacting flexibly with our projects to this multiple crisis. We are redirecting funds as some of the ongoing projects had to be interrupted by the shutdown. The people and especially the children in South Sudan urgently need our support to survive this crisis. The public schools had to be temporarily closed. The Muhaba Centre will remain open, but for the time being classes are suspended for those children who live outside the centre.