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    Mission 21 believes that its global programme and project work is inseparably linked to its educational work in Switzerland. Our educational offerings offer insights into interrelated global issues and cross-border experiences. And you'll gain inspiration that will empower and encourage you to take action in solidarity. Our educational offerings are certified with the EduQua label.

    COVID-19 protection concept: Educational offers that take place at Mission 21 or externally are subject to 2G. Course leaders as well as participants have a 2G certificate. Exception: young people under the age of 16. Here, the protective measures of the BAG apply (mandatory masks and distances).


    Educational courses and events 2022

    Courses for adults

    Globalisation and society

    We live and work in an increasingly pluralistic society. Which intercultural skills are helpful in this context? And which conditions must be met so that peaceful coexistence with other religions can succeed? These topics and more besides are waiting for you to discover in our programme of courses on interfaith peace work.

    ► Course programme: gloablisation and society (German) as PDF


    Intercultural Spirituality

    The discussion about meaning and aim of todays missionary work is controverse. What does "mission" still mean in the international context of today?

    ► Course programme: intercultural spirituality (German) as PDF


    Especially for adults 70+

    The course focuses on the search for meaning in advanced age and the role that spirituality plays in it.

    ► Course programme: Courses for adults 70+ (German) as PDF

    Religion and development

    The role of religion(s) in development cooperation is increasingly receiving interest. Does taking religion into account and involving it hinder or promote the development of a society? What is the potential of religion in development cooperation? As a faith-based development cooperation organisation, Mission 21 has over 200 years of experience with the subject. Religion is a common basis and resource for the cooperation with our partners in the projects in the global South.

    ► Course programme: Religion and development (German) as PDF

    Intercultural peacebuilding

    Religion can fuel violence in conflicts, but it can also lay a foundation for peace. Interfaith peacebuilding is a thematic field of Mission 21's programmes abroad as well as its educational work in Switzerland. In the course we address the following questions: What role do religions play in conflicts and how can their peace-building potential be made effective? What other (power) interests also play a role in supposedly religious conflicts?

    ► Course programme: intercultural peace work (German) as PDF

    Especially for Teachers and Parents

    Young people are increasingly confronted with the negative effects of hate on the Internet (hate speech, cyber bullying). In the course, respectful interaction in the digital space and the legal framework are reflected upon. Participants are encouraged to support young people in social media. They recognize possible courses of action to show civil courage and advocate for non-violent interaction online.

    ► Course programme: Teaching Parents (German) as PDF

    Gender Justice

    The sensitization for social imprints and role attributions is central for the worldwide cooperation as well as for our life context. Very different aspects can come into the focus of reflection: the life situation of women worldwide, women's advancement and empowerment, role finding and self-determination. Power structures come into view and the question of how responsibility can be distributed fairly and borne equally. The courses sharpen the view for such connections.

    ► Course programme: Gender Justice (German) as PDF

    Courses for young people

    Are you looking for a course on justice for a confirmation class? Would you like to work on the subject of reconciliation with your school class? Does your youth group want an entertaining introduction to fair trade, or perhaps you want to raise awareness about intercultural dialogue? You'll find the right courses here – in compact form, or as one-day workshops.

    ► Course programme for young people (German) as PDF

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    Claudia Buess

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    Programme Manager Education

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    Encounter trips

    Mission 21 organises encounter trips to its partner churches and partner organisations. These trips give participants a vivid picture of Mission 21's development cooperation work. They offer insights into our project work and the relationships with our local partners that have developed during our long history. Stimulating encounters with people on the ground enrich this programme, which also enables participants to get to know a country's geographical and social diversity.

    Monika Di Pietrantonio

    Responsible for the administration of educational offers
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    Mission 21 offers sabbaticals for pastors in Costa Rica, Cameroon, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan. These sabbaticals last from one to three months; they include participation in academic events and the chance to become acquainted with churches and projects, as well as occasional involvement in work on the ground. Mission 21 provides advice, arranges contacts, and offers preparation and evaluation.

    ► Sabbaticals in Costa Rica (PDF)

    ► Sabbaticals in Kamerun (PDF)

    ► Sabbaticals in Hongkong (PDF)

    ► Sabbaticals in Indonesien (PDF)

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