Youth Summit 2019

Development cooperation - nothing but hot air? Young adults from all over Switzerland will discuss this question at the Youth Summit 2019. Be there, too.

Date: Saturday, 29th June 2019, 02:00 pm till 07.00 pm, dinner included

Place: parish house, Oekolampad, Allschwilerplatz 22, 4055 Basel

Contact: young@mission21, ► email

At the Youth Summit 2019 we will take a close look at development cooperation.

Switzerland spent around three billion Swiss francs on development aid in 2017. It is thus clearly failing to meet the UN's targets. But what should development cooperation achieve and where should priorities be set? The Federal Council is currently examining the political orientation for the years 2021-2024. Helping and volunteering has not only been en vogue among young people since the refugee movement. Growing up in a digital and globalised world, global fair play and more justice are important to many young people. Together with Switzerland's young parties (SVP, SP, FDP, CVP, EVP, Greens and GLP), we look at various aspects of development cooperation and create the basis for young adults to participate in the political debate. We deepen the main topic with an input presentation, workshops and a panel discussion. The dinner together will also give you time to exchange ideas in a informal atmosphere.