Online Summer School 2021

    Christian Missions and Churches - Between Racism and Respect

    The history of Europe's worldwide missionary activities is ambivalent: there are examples of respectful encounters as well as Western arrogance or even racist behaviour. How are mission history and today's church relations perceived from perspectives in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe? We will discuss with experts from four continents what we can learn from history in order to deal with racism and discrimination today.

    Session 1

    Racism in mission history and its impact on churches today, with a focus on Africa and Asia
    Saturday, 11. September 2021

    Session 2

    Aspects of racism in church relations, with a focus on Europe and Latin America
    Tuesday, 14. September 2021

    Session 3

    Learning from history to deal with racism and discrimination today
    Friday, 17. September 2021

    Pannel Discussion


    • True Reconciliation: How To Deal With Racism In The Church?
      Rev. Dr. Scotty Williams, All Souls Protestant Church, St. Gallen, Switzerland
      Paper (PDF)