Decolonize Aid!

    An honest look at the continuing power imbalance in development cooperation and a joint search for new strategies for cooperation at eye level. With partner institutions from four continents.

    Does development cooperation perpetuate colonial power structures? Does it ultimately help the donors more than the recipients? And who decides what 'development' means anyway?

    At Mission 21's international Online Summer School, participants discuss with experts and interested parties from four continents what strategies there are for more equal cooperation.

    Session 1

    Decolonize Aid?

    Long-time Pakistani aid professional Themrise Khan opposes the use of the word decolonization in the context of aid by arguing that it is not the decolonization of aid that is important, but rather the end of aid.

    Thursday, August 25. 2022

    Themrise N. Khan, Pakistan

    Independent Aid Policy Analyst with over 25 years of experience in international development.
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    Session 2

    Decolonizing cooperation and development: A critical perspective from Latin America

    Critical notions developed by indigenous peoples, black people, feminist movements and critical academia in Latin America: understandings of non-hegemonic relations between peoples, countries and contexts.

    Thursday, August 25. 2022

    María Ximena González-Serrano, Colombia

    Doctoral Researcher European RIVERS Project which investigates the relationship between human rights and water.
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    Session 3

    Decolonizing the Aid Industrial Complex: The use of Language and Lexicon

    The aid-related dominance of English, French or Spanish means that translation into indigenous languages is mandatory as part of the development process. How can we enable more inclusive communication that is less neo-colonial, sexist, racist?

    Friday, August 26. 2022

    Dr. Moses Isooba, Uganda

    Executive Director of the Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF).
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    Presentation material

    ► "Decolonizing Aid" (PDF)

    Session 4

    Beyond Labels and Cultural Wars: Thoughts on Decolonizing Aid

    How decolonizing international NGO images and language can be used to not only improve international development work, but also foreground the agency of those the sector seeks to support.

    Friday, August 26. 2022

    Muganzi Muhanguzi Isharaza, England und Uganda

    International NGO Communications Professional, Researcher and PhD Candidate in Communications (Leeds). 
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