International assignments

At Mission 21, we offer diverse opportunities to participate in the work we undertake in our partner countries. These include long-term assignments for specialists on our projects as well as short assignments for young adults. All these offers include intensive support before, during and after the assignment. Join us to contribute your expertise, and continue developing your skills in a new setting!

Long-term assignments for specialists

Are you a doctor or theologian, a technician, social worker or project manager? As an international co-worker with Mission 21, you'll work on the ground in our projects for at least three years. You will immerse yourself in a new living environment and share your life, your work and your faith with people from different cultural backgrounds.

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Short assignments for experts

Use your professional experience to enhance the work undertaken by our partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America. You will open up new areas of work for yourself in a new environment in your capacity as a professional adviser, and you will exchange ideas and experiences with local specialists. For example, you may be able to contribute your professional experience in theology, medicine, technology/engineering or the social welfare sector. Assignments can vary in duration depending on the area involved.

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PEP! - Continuing education abroad

Our PEP! educational programme (the Professional Exposure Programme) is aimed at young people aged between 22 and 30 who have completed their vocational training or have graduated after their studies. The programme comprises a preparatory course, an assignment to a project lasting from six to twelve months, and a debriefing. Participants deepen their specialist knowledge and acquire intercultural skills, while our project partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America benefit from qualified and motivated specialists.

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Short assignments – up and away!

For three months, you will live and work together with other volunteers from all over the world in Ascension House, a Christian guest house in Hong Kong. You will learn about Christian life as it is lived here, you will get to know a different culture and some exciting people, and you will adapt to a new environment. The programme includes a clarification meeting in advance, as well as preparatory and debriefing weekends in Basel (Switzerland). Requirements: you are between 18 and 22 years old, you live in Switzerland and speak good English, and you are open to a new situation and also to a church setting.

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