International co-workers

    International co-workers play an active part in various projects on the basis of explicit requests from Mission 21's partner churches and partner organisations. They may work as coordinators, theologians or technicians, to name three examples. Their efforts make a major contribution to our international network. We have Coordination Units in place in all our partner countries, mostly staffed by local specialists. Their main tasks are to coordinate the individual projects so as to make them more effective, and to attain shared objectives.


    Lumumba Togho Mukong, Cameroon, Coordinator

    Since April 2016, all the projects supported by Mission 21 in Cameroon have been supervised by Lumumba Mukong, our coordinator. After obtaining his Master's degree in agricultural economics in the UK, he went on to work for various NGOs in Cameroon.

    Yakubu Joseph, Nigeria, Coordinator

    Dr. Yakubu Joseph has been working as the coordinator for Mission 21 in Nigeria since October 2015. He holds a PhD in Geography and a MA in International Peace Studies as well as a MSC in Sociology. In his position he is providing support for the partner organisations, Yakubu Joseph is responsible for quality assurance at local level and he also advises partner organisations in Africa on aspects of peace promotion and security.


    Adrienne Sweetman, Tanzania, Coordinator

    Anthropologist and health expert Adrienne Sweetman coordinates the Mission 21 office in Tanzania since January 2019. One of her main tasks is the organisational and personnel development of the partner organisations. Adrienne Sweetman is from Canada and has already worked in the health sector in Namibia. She lives and works in Tanzania since 2012. She is married to a Tanzanian and is particularly involved in HIV prevention.

    Guliba Florence Hakim, South Sudan, Coordinator

    Guliba Florence Hakim has been coordinating Mission 21 projects in South Sudan since July 2021, after serving as Assistant Country Director for three years. With over seven years of experience in civil society and church work in her home country, she is very well connected in the South Sudanese NGO and church landscape. As a trained mediator and negotiator, she brings a lot of expertise in peacebuilding and is familiar with ecumenical relations, women's participation and youth engagement thanks to her previous involvement.

    Emery Mpwate, Tanzania/Southern Africa, HIV Expert

    Congolese healthcare and HIV expert Emery Mpwate has been supporting the HIV work undertaken by Mission 21's African partner organisations since 2005. He provides support for partner organisations in the DR Congo, Tanzania, Cameroon, Nigeria and South Sudan; he also offers ongoing training and contributes to continental networking activities.

    Dr Luzia and Dirk Illiger, Isoko/Tanzania

    Dr Luzia and Dirk Illiger have been working in Isoko/Tanzania since April 2021. As a gynaecologist, Luzia supports the midwives and doctors in the rural hospital in Isoko. In addition to accompanying pregnant women and young mothers, Dr Illiger organises on-site training for the local staff. Dirk Illiger supports the orphan project attached to the hospital as a social worker.

    ► Personal Blog of Dr Luzia Illiger


    Tobias Brandner, Hong Kong, Lecturer

    Tobias Brandner works as an Associate Professor of Theology at the Chinese University in Hong Kong. He also works part-time for Mission 21 as a prison counsellor in Hong Kong. Born in 1965, Tobias Brandner studied theology and obtained his doctorate at the University of Zurich. Together with his wife, Gabi Baumgartner, he has been working in Hong Kong since 1996. The couple have three children.

    SRF (Swiss Radio and Television) broadcast: "Perspektiven" ("Perspectives") on Tobias Brandner's work as a prison counsellor in Hong Kong.

    Video-Portrait on Tobias Brandners work (YouTube, chinese, english ST).

    Daniel Gloor, Malaysia, Lecturer

    Daniel Gloor is a primary school teacher and he holds a doctorate in theology. Since 2005, he has been working on behalf of Mission 21 as a lecturer at the Sabah Theological Seminary (STS) in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. From 2009 until 2013, he taught at the Latin American Biblical University (UBL) in Costa Rica, after which he returned to the STS. In his work with students, he makes use of his skills as a teacher and theologian as well as his extensive intercultural and interfaith background.

    Ueli Knecht, Indonesia/Malaysia, Fair Trade Expert

    Short-term assignments regularly take Ueli Knecht to Borneo, where he mainly works for Mission 21 as an adviser on the "Income for producers of handicraft products" project. For most of the preceding twenty years, this handicrafts teacher and graphic designer lived in Cameroon; he also spent three years in Indonesia where his work focused on fair trade. His responsibilities have included leading workshops for producers, providing support for product development and advising on organisational and financial aspects of fair trade projects.

    Meliani Yeni Kurniawati, Asia, Coordinator

    Meliani E. M. Yeni Kurniawati has been appointed as Asia Regional Coordinator for Mission 21, based in Jakarta, in January 2022. Together with eleven other team members, she supports the implementation of the program on the ground, advises and accompanies our partner organizations, and expands collaboration. Yeni, who graduated from Hartford International University in the USA, has been working for international NGOs since 2015.


    Latin America

    Angel Román Lopez Dollinger and Simone Dollinger, Theme leaders Religion and Develepment

    Simone Dollinger and Angel Román Lopez Dollinger are embarking on their assignments in Costa Rica in 2018. Their seven-year-old daughter Alma is also moving to Costa Rica with them. Angel Román is taking on responsibilities with our partner organisation, UBL (Latin American Biblical University, project no. 428.1205). Simone Dollinger is coordinating the theological section of the Latin America programme. Both of them are theologians: Simone comes from Switzerland while Angel originally hails from Guatemala. They spent three years until autumn 2017 with the Comundo organisation in Bolivia, where they also took part in projects supported by Mission 21. Both of them studied in Costa Rica so they have an excellent knowledge of the region where they will be working.

    Erik Nijland, Theme Leader Food Sovereignty and Climate Change

    Erik Nijland has been coordinating food sovereignty projects in Latin America since March 2021. Born in the Netherlands, he first went to Bolivia in 1980 as a geography student and has since worked for many years in various countries in Latin America. Among other things, he was responsible for Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation programs in Honduras and Guatemala and worked for the European Union in Bolivia in the field of sustainable development with the Bolivian authorities. He has been living in Cochabamba, Bolivia, with his wife for three years and has also adopted Bolivian nationality.