DR Congo

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mission 21 supports the population with numerous projects aimed at improving education and healthcare. Great emphasis is also placed on agriculture and livelihood security. Mission 21's commitment focuses mainly on Kwango Province in the south-west of the DR Congo, with further projects located in Kinshasa (the capital city).


Improving healthcare for the rural population
Kwango Province, where Mission 21 carries out its work, is exceptionally remote and is of no economic importance to the state. People here feel that they have been abandoned to their fate, and large numbers of them emigrate to the poor districts of Kinshasa. There are no resources to build or maintain roads. Depending on the season and the condition of the roads, walking is the only way of getting around. This can have serious consequences in medical emergencies.


Hospitals and health centres
Mission 21 is endeavouring to improve basic healthcare in the Kwango region. Our main partner organisation in the DR Congo is the Kwango Evangelical Community (Communauté Évangelique du Kwango – CEK). This church has set up a network of 20 healthcare facilities in the Kwango region. The network comprises three hospitals, six health centres and eleven outpatient clinics.


Improving nutrition and income
Mission 21 also supports its partner church's projects that focus on agriculture and livelihood security. These projects aim to enable the rural population to benefit from healthy nutrition and earn an additional income. Practice-oriented courses on agriculture, nutrition and the environment provide the farmers with the specialist knowledge they need to achieve these goals.


Focus on education
Educational support is targeted at women and young people in particular. In many regions, the primary education system only functions thanks to the initiatives of churches such as the CEK. Mission 21's partner church runs 96 primary schools and 52 secondary schools in Kwango Province and in the city of Kinshasa. It is also involved in building and maintaining schools.
A life in dignity

Our partner church links over 60 villages that are home to more than 80,000 people. Its network is often the only way for the village communities to connect with the authorities. The church's projects encourage rural families to stand up for a life in dignity in spite of their isolated situation. The CEK is still the main point of contact for people from the Kwango in Kinshasa's poor districts, where it works with other organisations to encourage people to return to their home region. The CEK offers reading and writing courses as well as training in skilled trades to make it easier for former residents to make a new start in their old homeland.


Professional support from Mission 21
Mission 21 guarantees professional support for its partner organisations. A Coordination Office with an excellent network of local contacts brings representatives of civil society, the church and the authorities together at the same table to enhance the impact of their joint work. If specific expertise is required, the office calls in advisers and assists them with preliminary investigations and evaluations.