Mission 21's involvement in Ghana is aimed at improving healthcare. Back in 1828, Ghana became one of the first countries to which the Basel Mission sent missionaries. The work accomplished here by the Basel Mission led to the founding of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), which is now one of the country's oldest and largest churches.

Today, Mission 21 still maintains its presence in Ghana, where it supports projects in the healthcare and education sectors. The operational aspects of these projects are now managed by the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) organisation in Stuttgart. Mission 21 contributes to the funding of the projects.


Healthcare for the poor

Facilities provided by the PCG include health centres, basic healthcare services, district hospitals, clinics and nursing schools. Mission 21 supports the PCG's work in the healthcare sector.

Although health insurance has been available in Ghana since 2005, by no means all of the people in rural regions have access to it. Furthermore, the insurance does not cover the costs of expensive medicines, nursing care and patient transportation. Costs of this sort are covered by the PCG's Poor and Sick Fund. The PCG's healthcare services are present in eight out of Ghana's ten regions.