Mission 21 is actively involved in the educational sector in the Palestinian territories. The hitherto unresolved conflict in the Middle East regularly gives rise to tensions inside the West Bank. The impact is often especially severe on minorities, such as people with disabilities. There are not many social institutions in the Palestinian territories. For this reason, Mission 21 supports the Star Mountain ("Sternberg") rehabilitation centre near Ramallah in Palestine.


Integrating people with disabilities

Many families with disabled members feel that they have been left to cope on their own. In the Star Mountain centre, support for the affected families, children and young people is provided by social workers, physiotherapists and art therapists. Muslim and Christian employees work together in peace at the centre.


Individual support

At Star Mountain, support is tailored to each individual's needs and where possible, the centre ensures that they obtain school and vocational qualifications. The sheltered workshop and farm attached to the centre enable young people with disabilities to find suitable jobs.


A life in dignity

The facilities offered at Star Mountain are open to everyone, regardless of their religious affiliation. The centre also works to raise awareness about the rights and needs of disabled people. The Star Mountain centre is recognised as a pioneer of special-needs education in Palestine. Through the services it offers, Star Mountain helps to bring about greater recognition of the human right to inclusion and participation in society in Palestine.


Professional support from Mission 21

The Star Mountain Centre was formerly a leprosy centre set up by nurses from the Moravian Church. Nowadays, the Worldwide Moravian Church operates the centre as a joint undertaking with the Moravian Mission Society (registered association) in Germany as the lead manager. Mission 21 collaborates closely with its partners, guaranteeing that they receive professional support. Developments on the ground are supported by specialist staff from Palestine and abroad.