AI-ChrisWoV, Aid International Christian Women of Vision


AI-ChrisWOV's objective is to offer effective help to people affected directly or indirectly by HIV, with a particular focus on women, children and young people. Due to their inferior legal position, frequently inadequate education and economic dependence on men, women and girls have fewer possibilities to protect themselves against HIV – so they are exposed to a greater risk of infection. For this reason, AI-ChrisWOV supports HIV self-help groups, makes contributions towards medical treatment and care for orphans, and takes action to promote women's rights. Mission 21 provides support for AI-ChrisWOV through funding and by offering specialised advice on organisational development. AI-ChrisWOV is an ecumenical and charitable association in the North-West Region of Cameroon. It was founded in November 2000 by a women's group of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC).