AETE, Evangelical Theological Educational Association




AETE is a training institution for evangelical-ecumenical theology. It is currently expanding its theological adult education programme. This is characterised by ecumenical openness, a holistic spirituality, commitment to peace and a special sensitivity to the ethnic diversity in Peru. In Peru, some students are already in charge of a church congregation before they graduate and are continuing their education for this purpose on a part-time basis. In order to create optimal conditions for this, the AETE offers its students a decentralised and diversified educational model. Thus, they can combine different study modalities according to their individual timetable and according to their needs and possibilities. Since 2018, however, AETE has also been offering selective training courses on gender, gender-based violence and women's rights in parishes in Cajamarca, Chiclayo (northern Peru) and urban outskirts of Lima, and provides selective accompaniment and counselling for women affected by violence in various parishes.
Latin America is becoming increasingly pluralistic in religious terms. At the same time, politico-religious fundamentalisms that undermine democracy and the rule of law are increasing at an alarming rate. These conservative religious groups are well anchored in the political party system of various nation-states and are in close dialogue with the conservative media and economic and political elites. They often spread messages that are politically and culturally strongly opposed to any progress on human rights for women and the LGTBIQ population, as well as social initiatives that advocate for social and environmental justice (more regulation and reparations for damages) and call for immediate action against climate change.
Against this background, education and training in the theological field has gained in importance. Mission 21 has supported the AETE since its foundation.


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