AI-ChrisWoV, Aid International Christian Women of Vision


AI-ChrisWOV pursues the goal of offering effective help for people who are affected either directly or indirectly by HIV, with the main emphasis on women, children and young people. Women and girls in Cameroon are disadvantaged because their legal status is inferior, their education is frequently inadequate, and they are economically dependent on men. This means that they have fewer possibilities for protecting themselves against HIV, so they are exposed to a greater risk of infection. AI-ChrisWOV responds to this situation by promoting HIV self-help groups, contributing towards medical treatment and care for orphans, and advocating women's rights. Gender-based violence is another issue that features prominently in various services and events offered by AI-ChrisWOV. Since the outbreak of the crisis in the English-speaking regions, AI-ChrisWOV has also participated in Mission 21's emergency relief programme. Internally displaced people are integrated into existing projects, and various training activities are organised to support them so that they will soon be able provide for themselves again. This training may take place in a formal, official setting or also on an informal basis; the activities range from short computer courses to complete training courses for carpenters. Assistance is also provided for further measures to generate income: the focus here is on food production, small livestock farming and handicraft activities of all possible types. Mission 21 supports AI-ChrisWOV financially, and also by providing expert advice on organizational development. AI-ChrisWOV is an ecumenical and charitable association in the Northwest region of Cameroon. It was founded in November 2000 by a group of women within the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC).