BCCM - Basel Christian Church of Malaysia


The Basel Christian Church of Malaysia (BCCM) was founded back in the 19th century by immigrants from southern China. Especially in remote regions of Sabah, it assists marginalised groups of the population who lack government support. Mission 21 supports programmes run by the Malay-language Synod focusing on education, livelihood security and overcoming domestic violence. These include schooling for children of immigrants from Indonesia and the Philippines who are denied access to state schools because they have no valid documents. With support from Mission 21, the BCCM also engages in the following activities: advancement of women and income promotion, awareness-raising and counselling on domestic violence, and awarding scholarships for schoolchildren and students from poor backgrounds. Scholarships are awarded to support girls in particular because they are at risk of being forcibly married as minors. Alongside members of various indigenous groups, many migrant workers from Indonesia are members of the BCCM's Malay-language Synod. The Malay-language Synod has some 24,000 members, supported by 57 pastoral staff in 116 congregations.

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