CBC, Centro Bartolomé de las Casas aus Cusco

The Centro Bartolomé de Las Casas (CBC) was founded in 1974 on the initiative of four French religious of the Dominican Order. The organisation is committed to intercultural, ecumenical and social dialogue, promoting understanding of the rural Andean world and the Amazon, and advocating for various marginalised indigenous peoples and their way of life and spirituality. The CBC's activities include projects in the areas of research, education, ecotourism, the creation of new value chains for organic vegetables, as well as climate change, biodiversity, water and soil resource management. The CBC focuses on new knowledge transfer and works on the social valorisation of the traditional indigenous way of life and spirituality of the South Andes macro-region of Peru, in which it specifically tries to incorporate the Andean understanding of "Buen vivir" into its activities and thinking.  The project activities co-financed by Mission 21 are the "Andean School" and the "Network for Water, Soil and Agroecological Practices", both multi-stakeholder initiatives that provide opportunities to share best practices and improve knowledge on both sides, i.e. among rural and smallholder village communities as well as public and non-profit organisations and the academy. The "Andean School" focuses more on concrete field activities in the smallholder communities, while the other initiative is more about systematisation, engaging in dialogue and disseminating knowledge.

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