CCA, Christian Conference of Asia


The Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) views itself as a body integrated within the ecumenical movement and as a forum for coordination and cooperation. It has declared its commitment to participation in church and society on the basis of equal rights by women, men, young people, theologians and laypeople. All the partner churches involved in the Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong cooperation programme are members of the CCA. Under the auspices of the cooperation programme, Mission 21 collaborates with the CCA to carry out awareness-raising and lobbying activities aimed at protecting children and empowering migrants. The objective is to develop synergies and networking. The CCA's concentration on these activities includes the programme focusing on solidarity against violence to women and children and the new focus on female migrants and migrants' children that is to be developed; this approach fits in well with Mission 21's overall strategic direction. The CCA comprises over 100 churches and 17 national church councils in 21 Asian countries (excluding the Middle East), Australia and New Zealand.

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