GKE, Kalimantan Evangelical Church


The Kalimantan Evangelical Church (GKE) is active in the areas of education, healthcare, the advancement of women and livelihood security. It offers legal support with securing land rights and collaborates with Muslim organisations on an interfaith basis. Mission 21 supports many of the GKE's projects in areas such as income promotion for women, by providing educational scholarships for young adults from poor families, through awareness-raising and support in connection with domestic violence, and also through interfaith cooperation. In addition, Mission 21 supports basic and advanced theological training and the implementation of contextual theology at the Theological Seminary in Banjarmasin. Uwe Hummel, a Mission 21 ecumenical co-worker, worked there as a theology lecturer from 2014 until beginning of 2019.  

Relations with the GKE date back to the early 20th century. Mission 21 has played an increasing part in the church's development projects since the 1960s (when it was still known as the Basel Mission). The GKE includes over a thousand congregations in Kalimantan – most of them in remote rural areas – supported by 650 pastors. The majority of its 330,000 members belong to the Dayak ethnic group.

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