GKI-TP, Evangelical Christian Church in the Land of Papua


Papua has many different regions that are often very remote, but only a few institutions reach those areas and are present on the ground there. The Evangelical Christian Church in the Land of Papua (GKI Papua) is one of the largest, with some 956,000 members. About 680 pastoral staff work for the GKI Papua, and half of them are women. In 1956, the church became independent from the European missions which founded it. The GKI's partnership with the Basel Mission began in 1964. The church plays a very diversified role: it provides support for the people through social programmes focusing on education, healthcare, the advancement of women and emergency aid. The church is also a very active advocate of human rights. Many native Papuans have no trust in politicians, the military and the police, or the constitutional state of Indonesia. The church, however, enjoys high regard. Through its presence, its social programmes and its commitment to justice, the church is a source of support, hope and protection for the people. Mission 21 collaborates with the GKI's two remote church districts in Waropen by providing scholarships to enable young indigenous Papuans from this area to participate in schooling and other forms of training.