GKP, Pasundan Christian Church


The first relations between Switzerland and the Pasundan Christian Church (GKP) date back to the 1970s. West Java is a region with a pronounced Islamic character. Christians only constitute a small minority here; the GKP has a mere 33,000 members in 51 congregations with 51 pastors. This situation, with a minority on the one hand and largely conservative Islam on the other, is not easy. For this reason, the GKP maintains a cautious approach to the Muslim environment surrounding it. Peaceful coexistence would not be possible without trust-building dialogues. A knowledge of Islam, engagement with it and interfaith dialogue are therefore exceptionally important factors. By engaging in intensive interfaith cooperation, the GKP reaches younger adults and young people from a broad religious spectrum. The GKP aims to continue strengthening its interfaith commitment in the future by collaborating with the large Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University (UIN) in Bandung. Interfaith advancement of women, especially in connection with domestic violence, is another key aspect of the GKP's projects. The GKP was the first of Mission 21's partner churches in Indonesia to set up a women's home to provide support and protection for women affected by violence.

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