GKPI, Gospel Propagating Christian Church


The Gospel Propagating Christian Church (GKPI) mainly comprises members of the Dayak ethnic group. Its partnership with the Basel Mission (now Mission 21) began in 1964. Most of the 20,000 or so members of the church live in rural regions and their incomes are very modest. They are supported by over 50 pastors. The church's employees only receive low salaries and they cultivate their own fields to supply their needs. Some of the congregations are geographically very distant from one another and can only be reached by boat or small aircraft, but the farming population relies on solidarity and support. Through its holistic approach, the GKPI provides support and pastoral care for the population with the focus on education, healthcare, agriculture, livelihood security and the advancement of women. With support from Mission 21, projects are made possible in areas such as income promotion for women, educational scholarships for poor young people from remote villages, raising awareness about domestic violence and organisational development.