IDECA, Andean Cultural Studies Institute


IDECA offers an independent setting for research into Andean culture. The institute aims to participate in work on an alternative social model in which Andean culture has its place and is held in due regard. The members of IDECA's team come from diverse educational backgrounds, and the institute has a well-stocked library focusing on Andean culture and spirituality. IDECA sees itself as an academic educational institution that mainly serves young students of indigenous origin from the Puno region. IDECA coordinates its research and publishing activities with other institutions in Peru and abroad. Since 2016, IDECA has played an active part in supporting farming communities that have been damaged by mining. From 2018 onwards, IDECA will help an indigenous women's organisation (OMABASI) to develop its organisation so that it can participate actively in political decision-making processes at local, regional and national levels.

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