LK3, Institute for Islamic and Social Studies


The Institute for Islamic and Social Studies makes a major contribution towards interfaith dialogue in South Kalimantan, a region with a strongly Muslim character. LK3 has built up a strong interfaith network with effective public relations work which reaches many people and institutions. In addition, LK3 undertakes numerous social and ecological projects on an interfaith basis: examples include tree-planting campaigns, HIV prevention among young adults and income promotion for women (in cooperation with the Kalimantan Evangelical Church (GKE)). LK3's approach is inclusive. It is non-discriminating, non-profit-oriented, non-partisan, non-political and participative; it pays heed to the maintenance of individual human rights and champions the cause of people on the margins of society such as single mothers or women in prison. In connection with its key programmes, Mission 21 finances selected projects operated by LK3 that focus on interfaith peace promotion, income promotion for women and overcoming violence.