Moravian Church, Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center


The Sternberg Rehabilitation Center is a facility sponsored by the entire worldwide Unity of Brethren (the Moravian Church). Alongside the Moravians in Tanzania and Surinam, Mission 21 and its supporting association, the Moravian Church in Switzerland, play their parts in ensuring that this work on the West Bank can be continued. The Moravians began providing care for leprosy sufferers in Jerusalem back in 1867. Leprosy has since become curable and since the mid-1980s, the buildings have taken on a new purpose as a rehabilitation centre for disabled children and young people. Many families have to fend for themselves when it comes to caring for their disabled members. The Star Mountain (Sternberg) centre supports these families and helps disabled individuals to obtain academic and professional qualifications so that they can integrate into Palestinian society. Regardless of religious affiliation, each individual is given opportunities for personal development in his or her immediate living environment.

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