Oase InTim


Oase InTim was founded in 2005 by some lecturers of the theological seminary in Makassar, South Sulawesi, to develop contextual theology and empower church ministry at the grass roots in Eastern Indonesia. InTim stands for Indonesia Timur (East Indonesia).

Oase InTim is an independent, ecumenical institution. Oase’s vision is that local communities engage in contextual ministry to transform people and society. It seeks to develop networks among churches and communities with the common concern of empowering social ministries that address current struggles of the people like poverty, ecological crisis, human/woman rights, discrimination, religious radicalism, disasters, etc. Oase also critically appreciates local cultural values.

Oase was born out of the concern for the development of education and lifelong learning in Eastern Indonesia with the specific characters of being contextual, holistic and participatory: Contextual because it is based on the struggles and challenges of faith in the middle of social change and pluralistic society; holistic because of encompassing intellectual, emotional, spiritual and socio-practical knowledge; and participatory because it values the capability and experiences of each participant to be mutually enriching.

Oase InTim cooperates with Mission 21 for the empowerment of church ministry and good governance of the partner churches GKPI, BCCM und PCS.

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