PGI, Indonesian Communion of Churches


The role of the Indonesian Communion of Churches (PGI) is more important than that of equivalent bodies in other countries because it represents a religious minority in a Muslim country with a high degree of social control. As the representative body of the Protestants, the PGI plays a significant consultative role with the government in Indonesia. The PGI devotes great efforts to playing an active part in shaping and advancing interfaith dialogue, and it has already launched a number of projects focusing on interfaith peace promotion. Mission 21 supports this interfaith collaboration for peace and justice as well as the new programme to support migrant workers and prevent human trafficking. As the umbrella organisation for over 80 Evangelical churches, the PGI is also involved (with support from Mission 21) in anti-corruption activities and in advocating responsible governance and management of organisations. Mission 21 maintains a longstanding relationship with the PGI, which is excellently networked at national and international levels.

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