PNS, Plataforma National de Suelos

The PNS is a network that facilitates and promotes the exchange of experience, learning and social and political engagement in the field of sustainable agriculture. It is supported by a group of institutions that work for agro-ecological development in Bolivia and implement measures to improve the living conditions of the population. In the implementation of its projects, the PNS aims to strengthen indigenous farmers. It is made up of 52 member institutions spread throughout Bolivia, working with 16,142 farmers to revalue healthy soils and adopt agroecological farming methods that provide them not only with healthy food but also with new strategies for adapting their traditional agriculture to changing climatic conditions. Smallholder communities as well as the members of the network are in constant exchange of knowledge through the PNS. The PNS also enables our long-standing Bolivian partner organisations to lobby at regional and national level for government support for a national policy on food sovereignty and to campaign for more financial and political commitment.

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