PROCMURA, Program for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa


Founded in 1959, PROCMURA is the oldest organisation concerned with interfaith dialogue in Africa. It came into being against the backdrop of the African independence movements, which aimed to overcome inherited religious boundaries. PROCMURA has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, from where its work spans extensive areas of Africa. From the outset, PROCMURA has seen itself as a dedicated Christian organisation, and this is clearly expressed in the first part of its Mission Statement: 'Faithful Christian witness to the Gospel in an interfaith environment of Christians and Muslims.' The statement goes on to express the Programme's specific focus on Christian-Muslim relations: '... constructive engagement with Muslims for peace and peaceful coexistence.' PROCMURA's work focuses on conferences and consultations among leading figures in the Christian and Muslim communities, and it also engages in work with women and young people. PROCMURA was one of the earliest African organisations to take up the specific concerns of women, and it has been dedicated to the cause of gender equality for many years.

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