TTM, Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong


The Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong (TTM) is extremely active in the social context. It operates six secondary schools, four primary schools and six kindergartens. The TTM also maintains six daycare centres for children, a youth centre, a retirement home and three day centres for the elderly. Together with the TTM and Christian Action (CA), Mission 21 operates a counselling and support service for female Indonesian migrants working in Hong Kong as domestic staff, who are frequently exploited or sexually abused. The women receive legal and moral support, they can find refuge in an emergency reception centre if need be, and they can improve their skills by attending language and computer courses. The TTM, which currently has 9,000 members in 26 congregations, was founded in 1847 by two missionaries from the Basel Mission in conjunction with German churches. This is why the TTM was originally called the 'Basel Church'.


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