Bolivia, Agriculture and livelihood security

A life in dignity for small scale farmers

Number: 420.1013

This project aims to ensure nutrition in the north-west of La Paz Department. This remote and poorly developed region is one of the poorest parts of Bolivia. The FUNDAPIM foundation (Fundación Proyectos Integrales Mancomunados/Foundation for Joint Integral Projects) is working here. The foundation aims to promote integral and sustainable development that respects and includes the agricultural practices of the local population. Various measures are implemented to boost agricultural productivity. Sales of excess production improve families' incomes.

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Project goals

• The farming families will apply agroecological methods on their plots of land, and they will have strategies at their disposal to deal with climate change.

The farming families will have access to balanced nutrition of good quality in adequate quantities.

The farming families will sell their excess production at local and regional markets, thereby improving their family income.