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Adult education: working towards a world with more justice

Number: 400.1005

The Departamento Ecuménico de Investigaciones (Ecumenical Research Department, DEI) in San José carries out work in the fields of education, research and publications. This work is based on the conviction that theology must engage in exchanges with other fields of knowledge. Seminars focus on interdisciplinary issues involving theology, economics, ecology and the social sciences. The DEI addresses members of grass-roots church groups, teaching them skills so that they can participate actively in social change processes.

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Mission 21 currently supports a socio-theological workshop and a seminar called "Lectura Popular de la Biblia". A contribution is also being made to a teaching position.

The socio-theological workshop strengthens the critical awareness of the participants and promotes reflection on gender issues, interreligiousness, human rights and the protection and management of the environment. It contributes to personal development with the aim of qualitatively improving active participation in social change processes.

Using the method of the "Lectura Popular de la Biblia", the seminar participants learn to interpret the Bible in a critical way themselves. It is an important instrument for resisting fundamentalist currents in politics, society and religion.