Tanzania, Education

Agriculture and livelihood security for women and young people in Tanzania

Number: 186.1503

Career opportunities that secure the basis of life are rare in Tanzania on account of the country's poor economic situation. Young people in particular are handicapped by unemployment and the lack of prospects for their future. Women, too, often have no opportunities to benefit from education and realise their career potential. In many cases, they are trapped in the traditional roles allocated to them, and have virtually no say in society. To address this problem, Mission 21's partner churches (the South and South-West Provinces of the Moravian Church in Tanzania (MCT)) are actively involved in vocational training. Basic and continuing training provides young people and women with real opportunities to earn their living independently so they can escape from poverty and dependency.

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• Promoting access to secondary and/or tertiary education for children and young people

• Promoting vocational training for women and young people

• Establishing and introducing common standards and curricula for sustainable education in the Mbeya and Kyela vocational training centres

• Issuing toolboxes and sewing machines to students who complete courses in electrics, carpentry and sewing so they can become self-employed

• Promoting measures to create income for women through training courses, coaching, exchanges and micro-loans

• Transferring financial know-how that enables project participants to make use of services in the financial sector, such as their local Village Community Banks

• Organising regional seminars for women focusing on educational theory and practice, HIV, children's and women's rights

• Ongoing psychosocial advice and support for women in distress


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