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Assignments for young adults – Professionals Exposure Programme (PEP!)

Number: 840.1020

Under the auspices of the PEP! programme, young people complete assignments to the projects undertaken by Mission 21's partner churches and organisations every year. These assignments last from six to twelve months. Young and highly motivated PEP!s shoulder responsibility for assignments in their region while deepening their specialist knowledge and acquiring intercultural experience. The intense nature of new and often enduring impressions prompts many of them to commit to the concerns of Mission 21 and its partner churches and organisations after they return.


For 2022/2023 assignments with the following partners will be examined:

•  Hongkong: Christian Action

•  Tanzania: Moravian Church in Tanzania South West Province

•  Chile: SEDEC (Servicio para el Desarrollo y la Educación Comunitari

•  Costa Rica: DEI (Departamento Ecuménico de Investigaciones) and UBL (Universidad Bíblica Latinoamericana)

The application situation depends on the development of the current corona pandemic.