Bolivia, Food sovereignty

Balanced nutrition and increased family income (Fundawi)

Number: 420.1016

This project offers support to farming families in the commune of Sorata so that they can increase their income and benefit from balanced and more healthy nutrition. Many of these families are poor and are suffering from malnutrition. The project is run by the Uñatatawi Foundation (FUNDAWI), Mission 21's partner organisation. Until 2013, FUNDAWI supported a similar project in Caranavi Province but now, the farmers there are continuing it independently. The positive experience gathered to date is now being transferred to the commune of Sorata in Larecaja Province in the Department of La Paz.

You can find the latest reports on project work at the time of the Coronavirus in our News.

Videos, pictures and text out of the Mission 21-network: #SymbolOfHope

Activities 2018-2021

• Training and support of farming families in agroecological production methods and adaption strategies to climate change

Organising workshops and cookery courses on healthy nutrition

Training of producers' organisations in organisational development and further processing of products

Support and advice for producers' organisations on credit applications for acquisitions and the  development of local and regional markets