South Sudan, Education

Capacity Development: strengthening our partners in South Sudan

Number: 179.1025

South Sudan has been dominated by conflicts and unrest for years. The level of education is low, and there is also a shortage of skilled specialists. The Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS), Mission 21's partner church, is attempting to expand its capacities during these tempestuous times so that – with future requirements in mind – it can meet the demand for experts. Extensive personnel development (including scholarships and advanced training) is strengthening the church and empowering it to play a key part in the peace process.


  • Support for advanced training in public relations work, fundraising, medicine, English, Microsoft Office and in the area of responsible leadership

  • Providing training courses in HR and organisational development

  • Improving the infrastructure and equipping the PCOSS' headquarters and other offices so as to provide a productive working environment

  • Development of a strategy for organisational development